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Something I was working on this weekend. It’s a startup and the project is private & confidential to date, and I can’t say anything. I just use it to restart my blog.

pension.care logo design

It’s the best place to share my thoughts. Besides I find the Distraction-Free Writing so cool and I twitted about it. See you (-:

P.S. Comments are always welcome!

Dubai is fake

It took me days to read The dark side of Dubai by independent.co.uk (TUESDAY 07 APRIL 2009), and I think you should read it too. “This is a city built from nothing in just a few wild decades on credit and ecocide, suppression and slavery.”
Dubai is not just a city living beyond its financial means; it is living beyond its ecological means.” Just start to read, it’s a great and shaking story. 7 times the word “fake” is said in this paragraph from the article:

I ask the Filipino girl behind the counter if she likes it here. “It’s OK,” she says cautiously. Really? I say. I can’t stand it. She sighs with relief and says: “This is the most terrible place! I hate it! I was here for months before I realised – everything in Dubai is fake. Everything you see. The trees are fake, the workers’ contracts are fake, the islands are fake, the smiles are fake – even the water is fake!” But she is trapped, she says. She got into debt to come here, and she is stuck for three years: an old story now. “I think Dubai is like an oasis. It is an illusion, not real. You think you have seen water in the distance, but you get close and you only get a mouthful of sand.”

Why we’re so exited about this city? There’s no future, I guess.

Places I want to see

There’s a folder on my computer called Places_I_want_to_see, that contains photos of places I want to visit. The list is

Black_Rock_Desert_Nevada @ Burning Man


So Yesterday

hi there. i’m blogging now. just showing off the recent poster i have done. next to it is the version we are not printing. big love to ya. ((-:


(also i will try to blog more often. i promise.)

Google Maps

View Larger Map of the Badain Jaran Desert in China

Design Remixes

I’m excited to write about the last 2 “Remixed” covers of Render Obedience Digital records. It’s not just DJ/producers privilege to make remixes, do you know? I decided to recycle and reuse the original covers artwork to produce the new design of their remixed versions. The simple concept is based on 2 restrictions: the previous artwork to be easily recognizable and only 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 100% Black colours are allowed.

This is the original release artwork vs. the remixes release artwork of DJ Raid-Primary Minds. So far there’re 7 remixed originals, no doubt more will follow soon.

Thrown Away

It is time to suspend the discussions on the new logotype of TechnoTravel and to look ahead to the next project.

Both parties have enough good arguments to prove their point, and TechnoTravel will keep their current logotype and visual identity. On the other hand to make them is part of my internship and final exam project, so it is not a waste of time. These new logotypes are really cool, I think, and I want to show them off anyway! Have a look, PDF document, you can download it here.

Salem ‘Aleikum

Although Syrian uses it only as an intensifier Maa fii mushkile = There’s no problem, Maa fii shii mushkile = There’s no problem at all, and Maa fii wollaa shii mushkile = There’s absolutely no problem) //Shii in Syrian normally works like the English interrogative ‘Any‘: Fii shii ‘ahwe? = Is there any coffee?

Also Mafish (Levant, Egypt), Ma fi (Gulf Arabic), Mafi and Mako (Iraq, Kuwait and certain areas in Saudi Arabia) all mean the same.

//Salem ‘Aleikum = Peace be upon you—used as a traditional greeting to the Bedouins’ world. Muslims have their special and unique way for greeting (Assalam Aleikum, Salam Aleikum or Salam Alaykum). People all over the world use different greeting phrases, most often when their religion encourages them to use.

The reply is Wa Aleikum ah salam = Also peace be upon you.

Hello! = Marhaba!
Good morning = Sabah al-hayri.
What is your name? = Ma ismok?
Goodbye = Ma’assalama.
Nice to meet you = Tasharrafna.
How are you? = Kayfa haluk?

Find some more arabic words and phrases on http://www.sudairy.com/arabic/phrases.html.

Reload Hissarya

RELOAD manage a mountain biking club based in Hissarya, Bulgaria. The goals of the NGO are beneficial to the community and the Bulgarian public, aimed at developing the tourism practices, mountain biking, hiking; in more general terms the (physical education) of the younger and the children; the organisation of sports events in Bulgaria and abroad (e.g. Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia); the construction and maintenance of sports facilities within the town of Hissarya as well as in the mountain; involving the younger and the children in sports activities rather than deserting them to delinquency and unhealthy habits.

So it turns out RELOAD is more than a mountain biking club, RELOAD is a way of thinking, a lifestyle. It brings together individuals with common interests, who would not enjoy a life within a noisy and dirty environment.

The club was founded in the autumn of 2009. Thanks to 3 MMD students – Daniela Geismaier, Dosio Dosev and Inna Dimieva, who cooperated, gave each other ideas and inspiration, RELOAD has a new website. You can read here how all this came into being and why.


I just designed a poster for the Halloween party of No Heads Booking and the trouble maker club—Culture Beat in Sofia. Special guest of the night is no other than No Heads’ favourite – Mihai Popoviciu. Coming straight form Romania he is safely considered one of the most innovative eastern European producers of electronic music.

I know, right?! The vampires are really from another movie, that’s why the black cat is staring from my poster. She’s totally shocked! But that’s not the idea of the poster. Halloween came later, or will come… The experience to see the poster front of you is completely different of the portrait that appears on it if you are away. The shapes show the shocked face of Mihai Popoviciu, from a press photography I have used. Also I think he looks like a ghost. And this is pretty much connected to the Halloween theme of the event. I mean ghost and witches gonna rock that night, and some confused vampires.

See and save a copy of this limited edition poster in your party folder if you like it!


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